Best Petite Pornstars

best petite pornstars

There are dozens if not hundreds of different categories on almost any porn site you decide to visit. While it’s great to have such a vast choice, it’s also a burden because it’s quite hard to decide which category would be a good start.

If you’re torn between these choices, visiting the petite porn stars category might be a good choice. If you’ve ever fantasized of fucking a petite babe with a super-tight pussy, check out some of the models we’ve covered in this article. All of these girls are a dream come true!

5 Best Petite Pornstars


1.) Crystal Greenvelle


Crystal Greenvelle

Crystal is one of the most open-minded petite porn stars out there. She’s always up for anal plays, double penetration, group sex, and even bukkake. In other words, there’s nothing this babe won’t do to satisfy both herself and her faithful viewers.

Speaking of faith, Crystal loves making taboo porn, especially when it comes to impersonating a nun. In case taboo porn full of rock-hard cocks is your cup of tea, give this babe a chance!


2.) Piper Perri


Piper Perri

No list would be any good without Piper Perri on it. This cutie is among the smallest porn stars out there, but that doesn’t mean she’s not packing a punch. In fact, once this goddess of a woman starts riding a cock, she doesn’t stop until she milks it dry.

Piper is among the first porn stars who started the petite revolution in porn, and she’s riding that wave like a true pro. If you’re looking for hard-core action-packed scenes, Piper is an excellent choice!


3.) Megan Rain


Megan Rain

This black-haired sweetheart is one of the most agile petite babes in the industry. She can flex her body like it’s made of rubber, and we all know why that’s a priceless perk in the porn industry. She loves when her partners in crime stretch her legs as wide as possible and destroy her pink muffin by relentlessly plowing it.

The energy she’s packing is unprecedented. She can ride a cock for hours and moan like there’s no tomorrow until she gets her long-awaited face glazing.


4.) Jane Wilde

Jane Wilde


When it comes to best petite porn stars, Jane has to be in the Top 10. This girl’s flexibility is borderline unfathomable. The positions she’s able to execute are mind-bending, and more importantly, the way she rides a hard cock is beyond impressive. Once she puts her mind to something, rest assured it’s going to happen one way or another.

She’s quite into role-play scenarios, so you’re going to see her often in different uniforms and outfits. In case nurses, teachers, or even young school girls are your thing, watch Jane, and you won’t regret it.


5.) Remi LaCroix


Remi LaCroix

Remi is somewhat of a special case because she seemingly prefers licking a tasty pussy rather than sucking a hard shaft. With that being said, her resume is nothing short of impressive, especially if you’re an avid fan of double penetration, steamy threesomes, and of course, hot lesbian action. Remi is up for a challenge, regardless of what constitutes the abovementioned challenge!

Give this petite brunette a watch, and hold on to your boner because she has some super-hot stuff pinned to her name.


6.) Staci Silverstone


Staci Silverstone

Staci is someone we had to include in our list for her raw talent and open-minded views. In other words, if you’re a fan of watching petite babes get fucked to oblivion, Staci is your poison. She has rather small tits and a super-tight pussy, which is a perfect combination for avid fans of petite babes.

Whether you’re into watching her get banged by her stepmother’s boyfriend or are perhaps more interested in her solo sessions, Staci will keep you busy for hours.

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Top 6 Latina Pornstars

best Latina pornstars

If you’re an avid connoisseur of super-hot porn material, then you probably have a few favorite top Latina pornstars in your collection. It’s widely known that these babes rarely take no for an answer, and on top of that, the vast majority of Latina pornstars know exactly how to hit the viewer’s sweet spot.

In case you’re looking for some new material and are struggling to find a model who’s worthy of your time, take a moment and check out our list that contains some of the hottest Latina pornstars out there.

6 Hottest Latina Pornstars

1. ) Esperanza Gomez


Esperanza Gomez

Esperanza is a god-sent model for anyone who likes blonde babes with massive melons. This girl rides a rock-hard shaft like there’s no tomorrow, and it’s more than obvious that she enjoys it quite a bit. Her long blonde hair and her perfect curves are what makes her so mesmerizing and irresistible.

While she isn’t too keen on swallowing, she likes when her firm and round tits get glazed with warm jizz.


2.)  Abella Anderson

Abella Anderson


While Abella might not be as famous as some other models on our list, she definitely deserves a spot. The reason for that is pretty simple – she’s one of the best black-haired Latinas out there both in terms of raw skills and, of course, looks.

Abella is always up for an adventure, so there’s not much she won’t do. If you’re into open-minded babes, this one would be an excellent choice!


3.) Jynx Maze


Jynx Maze

Jynx is a beautiful goddess of a woman, and she’s not afraid to show off her talents whenever she has the chance. As far as her favorite niche goes, she’s not too picky, to begin with, but she definitely likes having an extra person on the set, whether it’s a girl or a guy.

This 28-year-old Latina babe is a little over 5 feet tall, meaning she’s a perfect starting point for avid lovers of petite porn bombs.


4.) Bridgette B

Bridgette B

Bridgette is a cock-hungry blonde with a pair of massive tits. In fact, her boobs are her main weapon of destruction, and she’s not afraid to use them as soon as she gets a chance. She has made hundreds of guys quite happy by squeezing their shafts between her amazing melons.

A blonde Latina is definitely a rare sight nowadays, so don’t hesitate to give this babe a chance. If you’re into blonde girls with a huge talent and even bigger boobs, Bridgette B is the one you should be focusing on!


5.) Franceska Jaimes


Franceska Jaimes

Franceska is a perfect choice for kinky people who like watching hard-core action. She’s famous for being plowed relentlessly during sex parties by dozens of guys, and she wanted more! In fact, she’s quite a nympho, and she’s not afraid to show it. Whether it’s anal, public sex, deepthroat, facial, or anything else, she’s up for it!

Double-penetration is one of her favorite things because – por qué no los dos?


6.) Sophia Leone


Sophia Leone

In case you’re into girls who aren’t afraid to moan and scream as loud as they can, Sophia is definitely a babe you should check out. Once you see her perfectly round booty and hear her mesmerizing moans, you’ll have a hard time resisting the urge to jerk off instantly.

When it comes to finding the best Latina pornstars out there, the first one you should watch is Sophia Leone. As far as loud and wild orgasms go, this babe is the real deal.

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Why do People Have Foot Fetishes

how common is a foot fetish

The vast majority of human beings have some kind of fetish. Whether it’s a mild type like kinky cosplays or perhaps a more extreme type like BDSM, it’s pretty clear that most of us need some kind of a push in order to become super-horny.

Feet have been a puzzling fetish for many scientists in the past couple of decades. Many of them have tried to crack the code and find the answer to the question of why do people have foot fetishes, and there have been a couple of interesting ideas that might offer a relatively accurate answer.

Sigmund Freud had a pretty interesting claim regarding foot fetishes in which he said that most people sexualize feet because they resemble a penis. However, many years later, scientists have discovered that brain malfunctions that lead to phantom limb syndrome have a lot to do with one’s desire to sexualize feet.

How Common is a Foot Fetish?

Foot fetishes are much more common than you might have imagined. There are dozens if not hundreds of millions of people who sexualize feet and enjoy playing with them. In fact, some of the timeless celebrities like Elvis, Andy Warhol, Casanova, and even the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy had a thing for feet.

There was an idea that lingered for a long time that foot fetishes are mainly a male thing. However, future studies and further research showed that it’s simply not true. In fact, there is a variation of this fetish called shoe fetishism which is tightly linked to feet, and is mainly attributed to women, especially after being popularized by Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Cary Bradshaw (Sex & the City).

Why Do I Have a Foot Fetish?

There are countless theories that might give you a better idea of why do people like feet, but most of them are somewhat inconclusive and a little loose. However, the most common reasons many sex experts agree on are as follows:


  • Early Erotic Experiences With Feet

Many feet fetishists have had some kind of erotic experience with feet before they developed their fetish. This particular phenomenon is usually described as the Pavlovian response. It refers to the sexual link between your brain and body, which might have had a role in the whole situation and the development of your fetish.


  • A Desire To Be Submissive

One’s fascination with feet can go quite a distance. For example, some men feel like they should be submissive to a woman’s foot, and cherish it like it’s the most important relic in the world. In fact, for some people, feet are often the only thing that can arouse them. If you’ve ever had a desire to be submissive, it might be one of the reasons why you have a foot fetish.


  • There Might Not Be a Reason at All

Most people who are looking to answer the question of why do people like feet usually seek for a specific reason. However, one’s affection towards feet doesn’t necessarily include a specific reason; it can just be a part of who you are.

For example, some people like having rough sex, but that doesn’t mean there’s a specific reason behind it, they may just like it more than vanilla sex. The same applies to every other fetish, including feet.

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Watching Porn at Work and Not Getting Caught

how to watch porn at work

While there is a stigma attached to the idea of watching porn at work, there’s nothing inherently wrong about it. Now, that doesn’t mean you should waste valuable time watching porn at work when you can do something more productive, but there will be times when you’ll have a couple of minutes to spare.

If you’re an avid watcher of XXX videos and are looking for ways to avoid getting caught, take a moment to check out some of the tips and tricks we’ve covered in this article. Bear in mind, there is no magical recipe for success here, but there are definitely some viable tips you can use in certain situations.

Minimize Your Chances of Getting Caught

If you’re wondering how to watch porn at work safely, here are a couple of useful tips:


  • Browse in Private Mode


The first thing you should do before you even begin looking at big boobs and thick booties is to go into the private (incognito) mode in your browser. This particular mode prevents cookies and search history from any site from being stored locally. In other words, you won’t leave any local traces as long as you’re in incognito mode.

Bear in mind; this option hides your activities only locally. Therefore, your ISP can still see what you’ve been up to lately.


  • Delete Your Browser History Regularly


This tip applies to people who aren’t keen on using incognito mode. If you’re watching porn at work in public mode, don’t forget to delete your browser history on a regular basis.

Some browsers let you choose how far back you want to delete your history, which is a great tool for deceiving your boss. If your boss stumbles upon an empty browsing history, they might become suspicious. However, if you delete only a day or two of browsing history rather than the whole folder, it’s going to be significantly less suspicious.


  • Protect Your Device With Passwords


While this is great advice for everyone, not all people can arbitrarily lock their work stations. However, the ones who can – should do it. If you don’t have a password-locked PC, someone could easily gain access to all of your data, including your browsing history when you’re not around.

By using a password, you will at least be able to go on your lunch break without worrying about potential breaches.


  • Use a Different Browser Specifically for Porn


This rule is a rather straightforward one. Most of your colleagues probably have a good idea on which browser is your favorite. In order to be less suspicious, you should use a different browser for your naughty endeavors. This will lower your chances of getting caught, especially if your colleagues start mingling with your PC.

For example, if you’re using Firefox on a daily basis, switch to Chrome or Opera when watching porn. Also, it would be a good idea to hide the shortcut of your alternative browser somewhere on your PC for improved safety.


  • Rename Your Files


We wouldn’t recommend storing porn on your business PC in the first place. However, if you have no alternatives at your disposal, make sure you rename the files as soon as you save them. The reason for this is pretty simple – February_Report is far less eye-catching than XXX_Booty.

Of course, make sure you choose simple file names, and on top of that, make sure you remember them or else you might end up accidentally sending them to someone.


  • Encrypt Your Data


In case you’re storing porn on your business hard drive, make sure to use some form of encryption in order to make the files unavailable to others. This can be done with many programs, including BitLocker, TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt, and more.

Naturally, make sure you make at least one backup of your files in order to prevent data loss.


  • Streaming in Lieu Of Downloading


There are a plethora of porn-streaming websites available at your disposal. In fact, the vast majority of avid porn watchers tend to stream rather than save files. It’s a much quicker way of reaching your goal, and on top of that, it’s much safer and care-free.

One of the things you should pay attention to is the reliability of the website. Given that there are tens of thousands of streaming websites, malware and viruses are to be expected. However, as long as you stream on reputable websites, the chances of getting your PC infected are significantly lower.


  • Face the Door


If you work in an office, it’s probably a good idea to position yourself so that you’re facing the door rather than turning your back to it. This way, you’ll be able to see people coming in through the door, and on top of that, your screen won’t be visible to them.

Locking the door is probably the safest option out there, but the vast majority of people aren’t allowed to lock their offices during work hours.


  • Use Headphones


While this is a pretty obvious and self-explanatory rule, many people fail to realize that. Consequently, many people end up accidentally playing a video on maximum volume. As you can imagine, that’s NOT a scenario you’d like to be a part of.

Luckily, the solution to this predicament is rather plain – use headphones. In fact, even if you opt to use headphones, make sure the volume isn’t cranked up. A lot of people tend to accidentally plug out their headphones, which is why it’s important to keep everything on low volume. Also, be sure to face the door as well as check your surroundings as mentioned above and below, or someone could easily sneak right up to you.


  • Always Check Your Surroundings


This rule applies to people who work for massive corporations with hundreds or thousands of employees. If you’re working in a super-busy office, chances are you won’t have many chances to be alone with your thoughts (and videos.) That’s why it’s of utmost importance that you catch a window of opportunity whenever you feel inclined. However, as we’ve said, make sure to check your surroundings before venturing into naughty endeavors.


  • Learn How to Minimize Windows


The Alt + Tab keyboard shortcut is a godsend for anyone who’s stuck in an office with their colleagues. Before you play a porn clip, make sure you have at least one other window open and ready to show on top.

As soon as you notice someone approaching, all you have to do is hit Alt + Tab, and that will bring up your “bait” window. You could also record a macro on your keyboard to further simplify the process, but it’s not necessary. Keep in mind; this particular command works in Windows OS.


  • Prepare Your Excuse


It doesn’t matter how meticulous and stealthy you are, there is always a chance you’ll get caught. While it’s definitely something you should avoid at all costs, getting caught isn’t the end of the world.

There are plenty of excuses you can use in that particular situation, but it’s important that you have them prepared and ready. As soon as you start thinking, stuttering, and looking away – your boss will know what’s up. However, if you have a well-prepared answer, you might just slither your way out of the situation.

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Nsfw Social Media Platforms That Are Alternatives to Tumblr

NSFW social media alternative to tumblr

Tumblr has announced that they are banning any NSFW content as of December 17, in order to, as they say, make a better and more positive space. While it is really up for debate whether eliminating NSFW content is a step in the right direction, it is de facto happening.

This unfortunate decision to ban NSFW content raises a very important question – what is the best Tumblr alternative?

There are a couple of platforms that offer similar functionality and concept as Tumblr. Some are rather popular; others not so much. The common factor for all of these social media platforms is that they allow NSFW content.

The List of Worthy Tumblr Alternatives

If you’re struggling to find a new NSFW social media platform to enjoy your free time, here are some good choices:

  • Twitter

Many people don’t know this, but NSFW content is actually permitted on Twitter, although with a few caveats. For example, many famous porn stars have Twitter profiles that contain pornographic images and videos of their work.

However, Twitter rules state that

“Media containing adult content is not permitted within live video, profile or header images. All other instances of adult content should be marked as sensitive media.”

Therefore, while you can upload and view other people’s NSFW content, using it in live videos or as a part of your profile pictures is forbidden. On top of that, content created or shared without the consent of those depicted is subject to removal.

  • Newgrounds

Newgrounds is a platform mainly designed to connect artists all over the world. You can open an account and share anything and everything you deem interesting. While this website has been around for quite some time (est. 1999), it wasn’t in the spotlight until Tumblr decided to purge their content. Nowadays, it’s seeing a massive influx of new users as a consequence of Tumblr’s new policies, and it’s becoming a new ground for sharing lewd material.

If you’re an avid fan of art and spicy content, check out this website.

  • Reddit

Reddit, also known as the front page of the Internet, is a social platform with more than 500 million monthly users. As you can imagine, it’s swarming with NSFW content (as it’s allowed by Reddit’s policy). However, you will have to look for it yourself instead of stumbling upon adult content randomly.

It takes a bit of time to get used to using Reddit because of how it’s conceptualized, but it’s nothing you can’t overcome within a couple of hours.

One super-cool thing about Reddit’s NSFW realm is that it’s full of amateur work, sexy cosplays, and AAA production porn at the same time. In other words, it caters to a massive audience, so you can rest assured there’s definitely something for you there.

  • Mastodon

Mastodon is an open-source social network, meaning it’s completely decentralized rather than being owned by one massive business entity. This particular concept allows it to be ad-free, ethical, and most importantly – run and moderated by the community.

Anyone can run their own instance of Mastodon with their own set of rules. Therefore, you can essentially create your own community within this social network, and enforce your own rules inside the newly-created ecosystem.

So, if you’re keen on sharing NSFW content with other people without having to obey an extensive list of arbitrary rules, then give Mastodon a try and see whether it fulfills your expectations.

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5 Pornstars with Big Natural Tits in Porn

pornstars with big natural tits

One of the biggest problems avid porn watchers have with modern XXX videos is the fact that most actresses have had some type of plastic surgery. Now, this isn’t a deal-breaking problem for most XXX connoisseurs, but it’s slowly taking its toll, and it’s becoming increasingly harder to find a pornstar with big natural tits.

The porn industry is slowly losing its most dedicated fans because of this plastic surgery phenomenon. However, luckily, there are a couple of pornstars with natural tits, who are making sure to keep this niche alive. If you’re looking for some good porn material featuring babes with massive natural melons, take a moment, and check out some of the actresses we’ve mentioned in this article.

5 Popular Pornstars with Natural Boobs


1. Angela White

 biggest natural tits in porn


Angela is one of the most passionate porn stars out there. She always makes sure to squeeze her colleague’s shaft dry with her thick booty and massive natural tits. This hot brunette is a serious contender for the biggest natural tits in porn, and she’s not afraid to show her talents to a broad audience.

Her 32G (70G) cup size is her main weapon of destruction, and you can rest assured she’s going to mesmerize you within a few seconds, as soon as her hooters start jiggling.

2. Ashley Adams

 pornstars with big natural tits
photo-credit TittyAttack

Ashley is a 22-year-old porn actress born in Florida. She has quite a few videos featured in various categories including anal, creampie, double penetration, lesbian, bukkake, and more. As you can tell, she loves testing her limits, especially when it comes to hardcore sessions.

She loves using her 36E (80E) boobs as a cradle for hot and creamy jizz, and she’s not afraid to glaze her skin with it. As far as fearless and wild models go, Ashley definitely deserves a high spot on the list.

3. Amy Ried

 pornstars with natural tits

Amy is a 33-year-old brunette who was born in Germany but decided to pursue her career in southern California. If you’re a fan of wild brunettes with large natural boobs, this one is a perfect choice! She is best-known for her work in Big Boob Bonanza (1997) and Big Boob Orgy (2008). She is featured in more than a dozen movies, so rest assured she knows how to indulge one’s needs and fantasies.

With her 34E (75E) boobs, she is capable of conquering even the coldest hearts out there, and more importantly – she’s not afraid to test her skills in other categories including creampie, anal, and unforgettable blowjobs.

4. Faye Reagan

Faye Reagan

If you’re a fan of luscious redheads, Faye should be your next binge-watch project. This amazing wonder of a woman is 30 years old, and she has more than 270 scenes under her belt. She was nominated for the “Female Performer of the Year” AVN award back in 2011 and is regarded as one of the best redhead porn stars ever.

Her 34B natural boobs are what makes her incredibly irresistible and perfect for all-natural XXX videos. Apart from boasting a pair of massive melons, she also has a thick and bouncy booty, and she’s not afraid to use it to her advantage.

5. Katerina Hartlova

Katerina Hartlova

No list would be complete without Katerina on it. This blonde embodiment of a goddess is one of the wildest and most cum-loving babes out there. When it comes to particularly wild and hardcore scenes, Katerina is the queen.

She’s packing a pair of 34G (75G) tits, and she’s not afraid to incorporate them into almost every scene. When Katerina starts working her tits, you know the end is nigh.

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