How To Kiss A Guy On The Neck And Turn Him On

how to kiss a guy on the neck

Men have a lot of erogenous zones scattered all over their body. Some are quite obvious like the genital area, while others require a bit of effort and knowledge before they get discovered. When talking about men’s erogenous zones, one cannot skip mentioning the Holy Grail – a man’s neck. Once you end up in the neck area, you know you’re completely in control.

However, not all men are fond of having their neck kissed. Before you think about how to kiss a guy on the neck, make sure he’s okay with it. In case you’re struggling to crack the code and find the perfect recipe for success, take a moment, and check some of the tips and tricks we have in store for you.

Take Things Slowly

Before you carry your master plan into effect, keep in mind how important it is to take things slowly. Regardless of whether your partner likes things rough or not, it’s always the best choice to start slowly and gradually increase the rhythm according to his reactions.

Furthermore, make sure you’re tweaking your behavior according to your partner’s responses and body language instead of just letting things happen randomly.

Feel Your Partner Out

Sometimes it’s good to be honest with your partner, and just ask him what he prefers. It’s much hotter and sexier if you manage to figure out his desires yourself. It will not only make you look like a real pro, but it’ll also make him feel like he’s in safe hands.

Don’t Refrain From Experimenting

Tempo is quite an essential factor of the whole equation. While it’s always smart to start things slowly, that doesn’t mean you can’t fine-tune the tempo as the situation develops.

If you’re not sure whether you’re doing things the correct way, speed up or slow down to see if it causes any reactions. On top of that, don’t be afraid to use your hands while you’re working your lips. Gentle touches coupled with wet and intense kisses are guaranteed to cause goosebumps.

Temperature Changes Matter

As you may know, the neck is an extremely delicate area riddled with super-sensitive nerve endings and thin skin. This means it’s also quite sensitive to temperature changes, giving you a fantastic opportunity to turn that into your favor.

For example, you can focus on one area and softly breathe on it for a second or two. It will immediately become hotter and more sensitive. Finish this mini ritual with a soft and wet kiss which will then disperse the heat equally. As you can tell, there is much more to it than meets the eye, and as long as you handle things correctly, you’ll conquer the art of neck kissing like it’s nothing.

What You Might Want to Avoid

Biting is something that comes off naturally as an accompanying consequence of kissing or licking. However, biting is often a bad idea, especially if you’re not sure whether your partner even likes it. Therefore, if you’re looking for super-sensual sessions, biting might be better off the table.

Do not expect the same results every time, especially if you’re doing it with different guys. As we’ve mentioned, every guy reacts differently, and while most of them like getting their necks kissed, some of them don’t.

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