Do Pornstars Actually Enjoy Sex on Camera?

do pornstars like their job

A common myth associated with porn is that both male and female actors don’t really enjoy themselves while performing on stage. The argument against the claim is pretty straightforward – who wouldn’t enjoy having great sex and getting paid for it at the end of the day? But realistically speaking, it’s not that simple, is it? There’s a lot of differences between doing “it” in your bedroom with a person you are intimate with, compared to getting naked with a college while the entire crew is staring at you and the director is yelling to “open up”. In Mythbusters fashion, we went out and interviewed pornstars that have been in the industry for a while and here’s what we found out.

What do pornstars say?

When we chatted with pornstars on the topic, we didn’t exactly get a unanimous answer. However, 8 out of 10 answered positively and added that they even orgasm multiple times during different takes. Most people that choose this type of career often have a high sex drive inherently and just plain love having sex which often transfers great to the screen. They say it can vary depending on the type of scene they are shooting, but usually they have no problem relaxing and orgasming on stage. Even though pornstars are professionals that work in an industry and consider porn to be their job, 10 out of 10 interviewees said that they only resort to faking an orgasm if it benefits the scene and what the director envisioned. Otherwise, they try to enjoy themselves and act naturally even if the camera is rolling. Having chemistry between two actors results in a more relaxed and spontaneous shoot which can be clearly seen and felt when watching the final cut. That being said, you can’t always count on being paired with someone you’re physically attracted to so faking is the only option that’s left.

Do pornstars like their job

There’s a lot to like about being a pornstar, especially in today’s day and age when the stigma is not as bad as it was just a few decades ago. You’re not tied down to a certain time frame(at least not metaphorically) that a nine to five regular job dictates. You get to express your entrepreneurial spirit by building your image online and create new business opportunities for yourself. While you have agents and agencies you work with, technically you are your own boss. You get to meet new and interesting people from the industry coming from various backgrounds. Travel, exciting filming locations, getting your makeup done by professionals and much more is part of your regular working day. O yeah, did we mention you get paid to have sex? Sounds pretty awesome to us.


While having sex in front of the camera with a bunch of lights pointing at your face is definitely not the same as what you would do in your own bedroom, the bottom line is – pornstars actually still enjoy it. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually hard work and a lot of hours, sweat and effort go into preparation in order to get those 20 minutes of quality content. That being said, to most pornstars, it is the job they always dreamed of having and wouldn’t change it for any other career path.