How To Find Her G Spot Easily

It’s no secret that finding a G spot is for some men the equivalent of finding the Holy Grail. It’s something every man takes quite seriously, and it’s for a good reason – the reward is more than worth the effort.

In case you haven’t had an opportunity to treat your girl with a breathtaking orgasm, doing it by stimulating her G spot would be an excellent choice. However, it’s easier said than done.

It’s not about whether the G spot exists, it’s about how to find her G spot. While it’s a challenging effort, it’s definitely something anyone can do if they have sufficient knowledge and a bit of skill. Here are some tips and tricks that might help you with your adventure.

Make Sure Everything is in Order Before You Start

Instantly diving into the promised piece of pie is not the path you should take. In fact, there are numerous preparation steps everyone should take before going for the grand prize.

Firstly, make sure your fingernails are trimmed, and your hands are clean. After all, you’re going to be putting your hands in an incredibly sensitive place, and immaculate hygiene is a must. Even though you might think that your tongue is your main weapon, it’s not entirely true – your hands are much more important.

Foreplay is of utmost importance if you want easy access to her G spot. Therefore, make sure you incorporate some fondling, kissing, and stimulation of erogenous zones in general. Lick her butt, suck her nipples, and make sure she gets goosebumps or else you won’t be able to launch her into the stratosphere by conquering her most precious point of interest.

Where Is the G Spot?

According to most women, the G spot is located about 2 inches inside of the vagina, on the top side of the vaginal wall. However, knowing the location is only the first step to victory. In order to actually start stimulating this particular spot, you have to cooperate with your partner and tell her to get into a position that suits her needs the most.

For example, when your partner is lying on her back, and you insert a finger with your hand facing upwards, her G spot should be somewhere between her belly button and clitoris. As you can tell, it’s only a rough estimation, so make sure you’re hitting the right spot before you go any further.

How to Handle It Once You Find It

Naturally, rushing anything is a massive mistake. Just as you wouldn’t penetrate your partner violently for the first time, you shouldn’t go all in with G spot stimulation too. Instead, taking things slowly and monitoring your partner’s behavior is the perfect recipe for success.

Start working your way around, and once you notice a sudden change of behavior (moans, cramps, contractions), you’ll know you’re either close, or you’ve hit the jackpot. Either way, you should aim for the area that makes your partner change her behavior instantly. On top of that, you’ll know you’ve found it because it feels like a bump and can sometimes have a different texture in comparison to the surrounding walls.

How to Make Things More Intense

Once you’re sure you’ve found the Holy Grail, try pressing her belly gently just above her pubic line. Outside pressure can be quite useful for stimulation, especially if you precisely pinpoint the location of your partner’s G spot.
Some positions like doggy style can be incredibly useful for G spot stimulation. Make sure your partner is in position and lift her hips slightly while penetrating in a downward motion so that your penis is rubbing against the front wall of her vagina.

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