woman watching porn
While many people think that watching porn is exclusively a thing only men do, it’s incredibly far from the truth. That’s right, women get horny too, and the vast majority of them prefer visual stimulation more than any other method. In other words – yes, women watch porn too. However, the million dollar question is – what kind of porn do women like? In order for us to crack the code, we’ll have to look
Courtney Taylor
Whether you’re into lesbian action or perhaps are an avid fan of relentless double penetration, Courtney Taylor is here to make your wishes come true. This mesmerizing blonde miracle of a woman will make your cock burst in a matter of seconds, especially if you’ve been saving some juice exclusively for that moment. Whatever the case may be, it’s safe to say that Courtney thrives in a vast variety of categories, including lesbian porn, group
How to last longer in bed
Many men around the world struggle to keep their egos intact by trying as much as they can to perform well when it’s needed. Thanks to social and cultural pressure through modern media, men who have issues with the longevity of their sexual endeavors have become increasingly marginalized and sometimes even ridiculed. In case you’re a part of that group, take a moment, and check out some of our tips and tricks on how to
How to give a girl an orgasm
An orgasm is the pinnacle of pleasure for every woman. Making your significant other reach that point is not only going to earn you a bunch of points, but it will also make her forget about every single problem she’s facing on a daily basis. In other words, making her orgasm will prove to be beneficial for both of you. While it all sounds fine and dandy, being able to actually do it is not
sex tapes VHS
Leaking the sex tapes of celebrities has been a lucrative business for quite a while now. However, not all celebrities have been blackmailed with their sex tapes, some of them have published theirs in order to get a bump in popularity, and presence in media. Most people that are on the other side of the screen don’t care too much about the reasons behind the publication. If you’re one of those people, we have a
How to Lick Vagina
Our pornstars know how they like their vaginas licked. And we’re here to help you out too! Oral sex can be regarded as a key to the next level that includes penetration, butt plays, and other super-fun stuff. However, as we all know, you need the right keys to unlock the right locks, or else you’ll end up in the limbo between ‘My head hurts’ and ‘I don’t think this will work.’ Needless to say,