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One of the biggest problems avid porn watchers have with modern XXX videos is the fact that most actresses have had some type of plastic surgery. Now, this isn’t a deal-breaking problem for most XXX connoisseurs, but it’s slowly taking its toll, and it’s becoming increasingly harder to find a pornstar with big natural tits. The porn industry is slowly losing its most dedicated fans because of this plastic surgery phenomenon. However, luckily, there are
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The idea of couples having simultaneous orgasms is definitely nothing new; it has been around for more than a century. However, it’s something that’s easier said than done, especially in modern times when people are stressed, busy, and exhausted from work. Many people wonder about the frequency of this particular occurrence and whether or not it’s something they should expect from every single intercourse. The short answer to that question is – no, you shouldn’t
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For some women, reaching orgasm is hard in and of itself, let alone prolonging it. However, there are a few things you can do in order to introduce your partner to expanded orgasm. The main issue with this particular endeavor is that it’s much easier said than done. There are dozens of factors in play, and you have to handle every single one perfectly or else there’s a big chance for failure. Nonetheless, as long
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Modern times require us to stay active and busy throughout the day, leaving us with very little time for ourselves. Most people get used to having a busy schedule pretty quickly, but the vast majority struggle to maintain an active sex life due to being exhausted and swarmed with obligations. Phone sex is a great way to maintain a fine balance between reality and fiction. In other words, while many people consider long distance phone
Masturbation is something most people resort to when they want to relax, enjoy, and feel comfortable after an exhausting day at work. Going solo 🙂 is a completely ok thing to do. However, jacking off quickly becomes a pretty repetitive and anticlimactic activity, especially if you lack inspiration or are simply not too good with innovations. In order to enjoy every moment of your masturbating sessions, you will have to incorporate new things into the
Rough sex plays are more common than you might think; there are many men and women who are likely to experience a more intense orgasm than usual during rough sessions. While it’s not taboo to enjoy these naughty games, it’s crucial that you establish a set of basic rules with your partner so that both of you are on the same page if something goes south. Settling on a particular safe word in agreement with