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Ariella Ferrera in Hardcore Dream

Added on 2018-01-31

In order to give me your spirit completely, you must give yourself to me. You must thrust your cock into my cunt and feel your orgasm building inside of you. I will ride you rough and hard until you spill your seed deep into my pussy and then you finally be one with Mother Earth.

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Oh nice, a yummy big cock, love feeling you in my mouth! Watch me as my head bobs up & down on your nice cock. I love sucking cock, & I love taking cock in my pussy hole too! Look at my cleavage while I suck your nice dick, I bet you would love to stick that shaft of your in between these big knockers! After Iím done getting your cock hard with my wet mouth, Iíll undo this hot pink Jaguar print strap around my pussy & fuck you! In the end all take that hot love in my mouth!

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Yep that's right I'm here in the kitchen again, really hard to get out of the house today! LOL Same blue dildo plus my favorite wand! Things are about to heat up in here & not from the stove behind me, but from my pussy that can't wait anymore to cum! Jerk that cock as I play in the kitchen, a gal must do what a gal must do! At this rate, I'm never going to go shopping!

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Hi everyone! Here in my kitchen, alone, & horny. Ok so let me explain, sometimes, well quite often actually, I get really fucking horny & I need to cum! It can be anywhere, anytime. Take this video for example, I was on the way out the door, to go shopping & I had the horny as hell urge! With my dress still on, I decided to pull up my dress, pull my tits out & shove one of my favorite adult toys into my pussy, job well done! I keep this toy, hidden in one of the kitchen draws! LOL That's what I call Kitchen Self Love!

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Happy 4th of July first of all! So I'm here with my sexy friend Richelle Ryan & I just pulled these festive July 4th cupcakes out of the oven, Richelle thinks they look amazing! But the real question I have for Richelle is if she thinks Billy will come over. She seems to think he won't pass up the opportunity to pay us a visit. I hope she is right, Billy is so hot! Just as soon and Richelle & I started sucking on our July 4th Frozen Pops, in walked Billy! Of course we had it all planned out, Richelle had Billy follow her into the kitchen then told him about the bet she & I hadÖ who would make Billy blow his load first!? In a matter of seconds Richelle had Billy's cock out sucking on it! We partied like it was 1776, as the 3 of us got into a hot fucking session! I guess we both won, cause we both had him shoot his Fireworks all over my July 4th cup cakes! What a blast we had!

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Hi all, this toy I have is going to be a lot of fun. Want to join me for diner? I'm actually going to server you desert! Look at me, I have the top of my dress pulled down barely exposing my nipples and all my cleavage. Then I have my skirt pulled up to my waist exposing my pussy. Pull up a chair and feast your eyes on my sweet delight! It's going to taste really, really good! You can have my Pussy for Dessert!

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Oh Sofie Marie is so fucking horny, I mean look how she licks my pussy, she is so good with that tongue of hers! No interview in this scene, we just get right to it! There is also a fan who really wanted to watch what we could do to each other, so we agreed to let him. I'm sure he was dying to pull his cock out & jerk it off right then & there! Anyway lets get to one of my favorite parts of this video, Sofie's fucking awesome & I do mean awesome fucking ass! Watch as I finger her pussy & eat her ass really good!

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