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Kate Frost in Pussy Licking Lingerie Party

Added on 2018-06-26

I love inviting my friend, Loni Mallory, over for a lingerie party so we can show off what we bought. Of course it always turns into a fuck session when I see Loni wearing such sexy lingerie. We start kissing and sucking on each others boobs before we head down between each others legs for a hot pussy eating fuck fest!

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I shoot a lot of scenes, but the photo spreads are my favorite. When it comes to whipping out the props and taking off my clothes, thatís where I shine! I love to take all these naughty pictures for you guys! So show me some love by getting your cocks out and stroking away!

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No silly, not that kind of fooling around. These are just some photos of us behind the scenes being ridiculous and having some fun. Sometimes it gets a little boring while the photographer gets his stuff together. So of course me and the girls get bored and we decide to take our own pictures that we think will never see the light of day. Oh well!

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There is something about fucking on a bed of white fur. I love how it tickles me but I really want to feel your cock tickle me instead. I wish you were here sucking on my pierced tits and my hand around your hard dick. I bet if you keep stroking your cock imagining it was me you wonít be able to resist shooting that hot load!

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Alexis Jolee is one smoking hot girl. Thatís why I invited her over to my place for some revealing lingerie action. Her tongue and lips feel so good against my skin but I know a few tricks of my own. Wait till I get down between her legs and show her how talented my tongue is.

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If there is one thing that I find super fun itís posing for my fans. Because I know that you guys are gonna get your dicks out and start stroking to my pics. And for a girl like me that is quiet a compliment. I would say that if you are looking at my pictures, you have to be jerking off!

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I did this set just because I was horny, isnít that funny, not for any other reason either. Thatís why I love this biz, if Iím horny I can have fun! I just wish you were here with me, I would ask you to please enjoy my body and I would suck and fuck your cock! Iím feeling so fucking horny!

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Ok, the set is all set! My hot body, sexy white high heel shoes (just high enough), pink panties and a fur throw blanket, but there is one more thing missing you! Feast your eyes on this set, canít you just imagine fucking me doggy style, not the fur blanket. My body is so hot and this blanket is so soft, oh baby, I need your cock!

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