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Claudia Valentine in My Horny Client

Added on 2018-09-07

I became a personal trainer because a lot of people like Marcia Hase thinks itís hard to get in shape. You just have to do fun exercises! And whatís more fun than finger fucking and eating pussy? I donít know about the rest of my body but my tongue is gonna get a serious workout.

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Well, sometimes it's a bitch. Like when I have some big fat guy with a small dick and a lot of BO. But tonight I hit the jackpot! I found out this guys name is Rob Piper and he has a black cock that is gonna ruin me for the night. I won't be able to take any more dudes in my pussy tonight after Rob is done with me but it turns out that I needed a good fucking after all the losers I've been with. The very best mature porn videos can be found here at my official site,!

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I was at the bar looking damn sexy when I caught Brad Sterling's eye from across the room. He was looking pretty fine too and I knew I found what I wanted. Sure enough, Brad was ready to go with a stiff cock that was gonna find its way into my mouth and pussy. Honestly, I came out tonight to find some horny action and Brad gave me everything I wanted. Including a huge cumshot right to the face. I guess Iím not the only bar slut in town.

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Yup that's what I am, a Cum Guzzler! And Brad Sterling has been so nice to lend me his cock and balls so I can get my daily cum shake. Of course, coaxing his cum out is the fun part. Brad is gonna do whatever he wants to me because I have to earn that delicious load first. Iím sure Brad won't mind that at all! I can suck and pump that dick all day long as long as I get my jizz fix. Sit back and enjoy some of the best mature porn, you are ever going to watch!

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When you go out to these exclusive clubs, youíve gotta look your best or they wonít let you in. I have never had that problem because I love wearing clothes that show off my body. And thatís what the bouncers are looking for. Hot chicks looking to get their freak on inside the club.

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One of the reasons that I love being in this business is that I can show off my naked body to all you horny boys out there. Taking it all off and letting you see my body is so hot and it makes me so fucking horny. So, what are you waiting for? I really hope youíre pleasing yourselves while looking at my pictures.

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I sure hope John Strong is ready for me today because I am horny as a mother fucker! Iíve been dreaming about his stiff prick in my mouth. And my hungry wet pussy wants some too. John is gonna have to bring his A-game today because Iím not letting him leave until he gives me a couple of loads.

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When I got a job at an exclusive nightclub downtown, I was told to keep the customers happy. So when I saw Marica Hase and Tony Martinez go into one of the private rooms I knew what I had to do and I couldnít wait. In no time I was bouncing on Tonyís cock and eating Marciaís pussy. Hey, my job is to keep the customers happy right?

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So, Marcia Hase wants to get in shape. Normally I would have her doing some squats or some other shit, but I just couldnít keep my hands off her body. It seems that Marcia has a tongue that she keeps in shape by licking pussy. I canít wait to get my face down between her legs and have some of that Asian cuisine.

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In this business, you gotta stay in shape. And I think that I have a pretty rocking body. But itís my pussy that the guys are more interested in. Still, bouncing on a big dick is the kind of workout that I canít get enough of.