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Alyssa Lynn in Pumping My Pussy!

Added on 2018-09-12

I donít know what it is about masturbating in front of a camera but goddamn does it make me horny! I like to know that there are guys out there that are pleasuring themselves to my videos. It makes me hornier and of course, I cum a lot harder too. Itís a win-win for everyone!

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If I have a hard time stuffing my big tits in a bikini then I know I bought the right size. After all, whatís the point of not showing off my body when I have a fantastic body! But of course, I canít seem to keep anything on. In no time Iíll be spreading my pussy lips and caressing my massive melons for you guys and masturbating myself silly!

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Oops! Looks like I forgot to put on underwear. I hate when I do that, but it does seem to happen a lot. Does it really matter anyway? Theyíre coming off because I want to show off my pussy to you guys, and fingering myself with my panties on is a pain in the ass. Plus, I know how you guys like to see me. Naked and craving cock!

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Dildos and vibrators are what make my pussy hum but it's always nice to get back to a classic. Iím talking about finger banging my pussy of course! I love to hear that squishy sound of my pussy juice and my slippery cunt as I cum over and over again for you guys.

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Nothing gets my juices flowing like a badass vibrator. When I whip this baby out, its time to lock the doors and turn off the phone because I donít want any interruptions. Not when Iím putting on a show for my awesome fans!

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So you want me to spread my legs for you and finger my pussy while you jerk your cock? Now that sounds like fun! Ok, Iíll get nice and naked so you can jerk off to my big tits and wet twat. But you have to promise me that when I cum, you are gonna shoot your big load all over your keyboard!

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Hey guys! I just got home from a night out on the town and Iím feeling especially frisky tonight. After wearing this little black dress and getting all those stares from horny guys all night long Iím ready to let my imagination and my fingers run wild!

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Hey boys, how ya'll doin' today? Well, Iím here all by myself and I thought I would do a little strip tease to get you guys all excited. I love to take my clothes off and get naked for you guys. I especially love to spread my legs and show you how wet I get when Iím playing with my pussy with my favorite vibrator!

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Because when I am this horny my pussy gets too wet! Just watch as that creamy cunt overflows, and all those juices are running down my thighs. I bet you want to lick it up. Just like I want to lick your juices too. I know you have something rock hard for me after seeing me get myself off for you.

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Sometimes wearing something that barely covers my body is even hotter than being naked. At least in my opinion. I mean these ridiculously thin suspenders are barely covering my giant jugs! But I think thatís the way you like it. And itís so much easier to strip my clothes off and get naked for you guys.