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Rachael Cavalli in Interracial House Call

Added on 2018-08-30

The utmost care for my patients is my number one priority. So when I got the results in for my last patient I knew that I had to act quickly to relieve the pressure. And there is only one safe way that I know of. And thatís to take the patients penis into my mouth and suck until he discharges down my throat.

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Brad Knight is such a bad boy. He told me to meet him at some cheap motel for a special surprise. Wow, I wonder what it could be? If you guessed his throbbing cock between my lips then you win the prize! And that prize is watching me take Bradís cock down my throat and his load all over my tits!

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Another long day at the office is over, and now itís time for me to engage in my favorite hobby. Getting naked for you guys! It feels so great to let my breasts out of this bra. Just taking off all my clothes, in general, feels great! Especially when youíre watching.

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And I aim to please. Nothing gets me hotter than wearing some sexy lingerie and making your cock hard as steel. Because you know thatís what Iím after. That throbbing prick in my mouth, or better yet in my pussy! Exploding and shooting your load in my hot box!

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Getting my pussy some hot attention has never been much of an issue for me. I love to strut my stuff in some revealing lingerie. And you guys seem to enjoy watching me as much as I enjoy taking my clothes off for you. I know Iím hot and horny and I hope you are too.

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I know thatís how you guys like me. And I love being the object of your lusty imaginations. Just thinking of all you boys out there fantasizing about my big tits and hot pussy is gonna make me wet and horny for all my fans.

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I love to shoot scenes but I also love photoshoots. I mean, I think Iím pretty cute and I have a hot body so why not show it off with some pictures right? You guys have already seen me fuck, so let your imaginations run wild while jerking off to these pics!

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I love to suck dick! Nothing gets me wetter than a hard cock in my mouth, and Aaron Wilcox has the equipment to stuff my throat. I love everything about giving head. The gaging, the sloppy spit everywhere, and of course all that hot, salty cum!

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It seems I canít get enough of Brad Knights big fucking cock. Itís the middle of the day and all I can think of is that dick in my pussy. But Brad knows how to eat a pussy too. With his lips and tongue all over my clit, I know that Iím gonna be riding that prick until Brad explodes all over my face and tits!

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Plain and simple Iím looking to get prego. Iím ovulating right now and I need some sperm fast! Lucky for me my muscular black neighbor, Nat Turner, is right next door and I think I have the goods to seduce him. Iíll suck that dick, get it nice and hard for my pussy and in no time at all this hot stud will be emptying his balls in my wet snatch!