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Alyssa Lynn in Long Day At The Office

Added on 2019-02-10

Wow! Am I glad to be home! The markets were crazy today but I am ready to relax, and I think you all know how I relax. I can't wait to get this suit off and slip into something more comfortable. Like getting straight up naked for you guys and playing with my pussy. After a job well done at the office its time for some Me time.

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There, thatís much better. Now I can open my long legs and show you how much my little pussy needs attention. Donít get me wrong, I love to take my fingers and probe my lips and a hard clit while you guys watch me but it would be so much more fun if you were here probing my pussy with something a little bigger and stiffer! If your not a member cum inside for some big tits porn videos now!

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Hey boys! Like my new tube top? As if my tits couldnít get any more attention right! Lucky for me they had a tube top that can fit over these big bosoms of mine. But does it really matter? Everything Iím wearing is coming off anyway because thatís how you naughty boys like me.

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So I was walking around doing some shopping while as usual getting checked out by loads of horny guys. Nothing new, but I thought, why donít I do a little strip tease for you guys when I get home. Iíve got these new badass boots and Iím already horny as hell and Iím looking to show off my wet pussy to you guys so I hope you enjoy!

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If I have a hard time stuffing my big tits in a bikini then I know I bought the right size. After all, whatís the point of not showing off my body when I have a fantastic body! But of course, I canít seem to keep anything on. In no time Iíll be spreading my pussy lips and caressing my massive melons for you guys and masturbating myself silly!

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