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Alura Jenson in Pantyhose for Two

Added on 2019-04-03

Now you know how much I love to get kinky but my guy, Jimmy Broadway, brought it to a whole new level! I didn't expect him to be wearing my pantyhose under his business suit. But hey, I love surprises and this little surprise got my pussy real creamy. I had to have Jimmy fucking me while wearing them. It turns out that Jimmy cums a lot harder wearing some of my pantyhose, go figure… The best big tits sex videos can be found right here on my official site,!

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Poor Kiki Daire. She got dumped by her asshole boyfriend, which I think is a good thing because the guy was a fucking creep, but she is still heart broken. But with friends like me, I'll be able to take her mind off guys for a little while, while I go pussy diving between Kiki's thick legs. Kiki is a great girl and she knows how to eat pussy and suck cock! What guy or gal wouldn't want that in a relationship. Now that I gave Kiki a couple of orgasms and she returned the favor to my pussy, we are both ready to go out and find some hard cock. And it doesn't matter who that dick is attached to as long as he can make my girl cum! Best big tits porn videos can be found right here at my official site,!

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I don't know what I'm gonna do with my husband, Jason Michaels. He is horny all the time and constantly stroking his dick. I didn't spend the whole morning getting ready for a big meeting just to let him cum all over my body and clothes. So Jason is going to have to bust a nut all on his own. Lucky for me I love to watch him jack off to my naked body. But I sure as hell am not gonna tell him that! If your not a member already, you should join my official site at for the best Mature Sex Videos!

Alura Jenson in Big Boob Interview!

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You know its tough breaking out of porn. But I am determined to get a legitimate job and hang up my love for cock for good. Oh, who am I kidding! All I can think of his cock and the guy who's interviewing me, Brad Knight has a big juicy one too. I don't know what I'm thinking anyway. I'm not cut out for office work shit. I'm a lot happier when I have a big slab of thick meat in my mouth and between my tits! Watch as Brad does a step by step interview with my hot body, I'm sure to get this job, watch and see! The best big tit porn videos can be found here at my official site,!

Alura Jenson in Big Boob Blackmail!

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Do you know what bored housewives like myself do? We fantasize about the new neighbor with the bitchy wife. This guy King Epicleus is really fucking cute and from what I have seen has some marital issues. Looks like it's my turn to exploit the situation and get myself laid. Yep, that's right, I'm a liar and a cheat and so it Epic! Sometimes I have to blackmail a guy to get my tits and mouth fucked! That's all. The very best in XXX mature porn is right here at!

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Man do I have a situation here. I have to go to a party tonight with my husband, and I am in no mood for his bullshit. My only hope is Dial a Dick, and as it turns out they're sending over Richard Mann who has a big black cock that can really stretch a pussy! That's awesome because if I don't get off before this party I'm gonna scream! But now that Richard is here I think I'm going to have one happy, creamy, sloppy pussy! Let the cameras roll, this is going to be some of the best interracial porn you have ever seen!

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Boy does my husband have a lot of nerve. Here I am on our anniversary and his friend is explaining to me how my husband can't make our dinner reservation. I have had it with him! But his friend Ricky Larkin is looking pretty damn fine. And it looks like Ricky is packing some serious meat in those gym shorts of his. I'm horny tonight and I don't care if it is our anniversary, I think Ricky can fuck me good with that thick cock of his way better than my husband can. Want the best in XXX mature porn, then watch the full version of this hot video now!

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You know when I get together with my girlfriend Tana Lee you're gonna see two girls locking lips and eating pussy! But that's the way you like it isn't it? When Tana gets down between my thick legs and starts chowing down on my pussy, which makes my juices start flowing like a faucet. And of course, I can't wait to reciprocate and dive down and drink deep from her wonderful cunt. When there isn't any cock around, a hot girl like this will do just fine! Another hot lesbian sex video here, watch now!

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Tana Lea, has a new boyfriend who goes by the name of "Rob". Well, I happened to walk in on them while Tana with giving Rob a hot cock suck job right there in our kitchen! Wow, I thought Rob was a white guy, Tana has never dated a black guy before, and guess what… Rob is fucking hot! OMG yummy! I love big hard black cocks! Why should my stepdaughter, Tana Lea, be the only lucky one enjoying a big hard black body & cock? She never told me Rob was black, probably cause she knows I would devour him immediately! Once I got a look at her new boyfriend, "Rob" Piper I knew that I wanted a piece. With a cock & body like that what woman wouldn't want to have that ebony war hammer deep inside their tight pussy. Watch as Tana and I, enjoy Rob's hard body and thick, long, big black cock in this step daughter - stepmom threesome sex scene! Want to watch great interracial Porn you have to to the right place!

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If you know anything about football you know that we proud Philly fans hate the shitty fucking NY Blue Team. The only problem is Richelle Ryan loves those losers, and I have to put up with it. I think its time that I put her and her lousy team in their place. As usual the Eagles win and as usual, Richelle will be handling the pussy licking duties today.