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Ariella Ferrera in Anal Plaything

Added on 2019-03-12

Hot scene, in my bathtub, wearing a sexy leopard print outfit... What can I say? I am an anal loving girl that enjoys having her tightest hole finger and toyed with. But anal isn't the same if I'm not playing with my pussy at the same time. That's why I'm never without my Hitachi! With a butt plug doing it's thing up my ass and this monster vibrator going crazy on my swollen clit I'm in for one hell of a pulsing orgasm! Great anal sex clips can be found here on my official site,!

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I don't mean to brag but I think that I have one of the best clits in the business. When I get horny you can tell by how swollen and sensitive my clit can get. Of course, all that pussy juice is a pretty good clue too. Nothing beats this job where I get to be the raging slut that I am and all you guys jerk off to these hot videos. The very best solo porn videos can be found here on my official site,!

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Oops! Looks like you busted me playing with my pussy again! But really what did you expect? I'm always horny and looking to put out the fire between my legs. But I like to get my wet snatch nice and ready for your big dick! It just feels so good with my cunt being swamped and ready for a load! I'd say this is a pretty hot solo xx video, I hope you love it!