Mindi Mink in Welcome To The Neighborhood!

Added on 2024-02-23

Hi Cameron, welcome to the neighborhood! My husband should be home in an hour but in the meantime we can chat. So you're divorced? Well, youíre a good looking guy. I know plenty of single girls around here that I can introduce you to. Me? Well Iím married to my high school sweetheart. I've never been with another man. Yes, actually I have thought about it but I can't cheat on my husband. Can I? I mean I see that you have a hard on & I'm feeling a little uncomfortable, but also really excited & horny! My husband wonít be home for another 45 minutes. What the hell! Get that dick out Cameron because I am going to suck & fuck you until my husband pulls into the driveway! Then you can figure out how to get the fuck out of here & fast, back door, bedroom window?! Is that Deal?


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