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Melony Melons in Family Fuckout Part 1

Added on 2023-08-31

Hey all, you know me, but you probably don't know my fucked up family like Misty Meanor, Paris Knight, Kymber Leigh, Sergeant Miles & Scott Trainor. You know how family can be, especially when you have step-sons, step-daughters & step everybody. We may have our difficulties but it helps when you can fuck it out with your family. You read that right. I used to have problems with Paris Knight until we fucked it out. Now we get along just fine! That is after she fucked me with a gigantic strap-on! This is part 1 of a 6 part series, so there’s plenty more to cum in the upcumming weeks! Stay tuned for part 2!

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Hi all, Misty here, not Melony this time, but I'm sure she is somewhere in this fuck house, fucking someone! Hopefully I'll do the trick for all you horny people out there! Stay tuned for the final part of the series, part 6, when you will see Melony again & a few of us as well, all together! So, I think I'm getting the hang of this web-cam thing. And my fans love me! But after getting fucked by my step-dad the other day, all my fans want to see is me taking a real cock. Which is fine but my dad isn't around today. But my step-bro is! We fooled around before but I think that he can give it to me real good on my web-cam. And you know what? I was right! I got banged damn good by my set-bro! But the best part was ow well I did on my web-cam! Stay tuned for Part 6!

Kymber Leigh & Paris Knight in Family Fuckout Part 4

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Kymber Leigh here, & I'm sorry not Melony this time, but I'm sure she is somewhere in this house fucking someone in the family! Anyway I decided to pay my hot step-son Sergeant Miles a fuck visit, I mean we both agreed there is nothing wrong with fucking your step-son. So that’s what we did! After that was over it was time for Paris Knight… Hi Paris here, as a sex therapist I really think that my skills are being tested when it comes to this family. I may be a therapist but I still get horny. And the stories about my nephew are just too hot to ignore. So I may have, kind of, sort of seduced him. What can I say! I really needed to get fucked! What I didn't expect was for Kymber Leigh's husband to bust us! But he can't resist my big gorgeous tits. Ok I fucked them both at the same time. Sue me! Stay tuned for another crazy Family Fuckout set, Part 5 is next!

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Misty Meanor here, sorry not Melony but she is somewhere in this crazy house! Anyway, yeah right, & I'm the horny one. I can hear Kymber Leigh & her husband going at it right through the fucking walls! So I thought that it was a perfect time to do my cam show. Did I mention that I have a cam show. Well the show ran a little long & Kymber's husband came to investigate all the moaning & groaning. At first I thought I was so busted! But little did I know that my viewers wanted to see me taking a real dick! I have to say that I got fucked real good but more importantly I've never made so much money from one cam show! Stay tuned for Part 4 more sick family fun on the way!!

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My step-sisters can be a mouthful, I mean a handful, but we found that the only way to really get along with each other is to fuck it out! I can always count on Misty Meanor to bring the fuck toys for a raucous fuck session. I didn't know that Kymber Leigh & Paris Knight would be so into this! I always thought that Paris was a stuck up bitch until she plowed me in the garage with her strap-on. But if this is how this family rolls, I think we will be getting along with each other just fine. Oh & all you fans out there, don’t you dare fast forward this movie, you must hold out & wait for the great surprise at the end! Hint…the family gets wet! Stay tuned for Part 3…

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Here is part 3 of my Special Treatment, 3 part series. Well my sweet nephew. Your mom is coming to pick you up later today so I want to make sure that you're feeling better. So Aunt Melony put on her special nurse uniform & we're gonna make sure that whatever was making you feel so bad is gone. And the only way for me to do that is to hop on your dick & make sure those balls are all emptied out. And I will definitely see you next summer.

Melony Melons in Nurse Aunty’s Special Treatment Part 2

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My poor nephew is still not feeling well. I wonder why he's not getting better. I pride myself on being a good nurse & my special treatments don't seem to be working at all. Usually when I have a cock thats in need of attention my cleavage & mouth seem to always do the trick. Maybe my nephew just needs some more time with me? This is part 2 of a 3 part series, stay tuned for more "therapy" from your favorite horny aunt in Part 3!

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Wow! I've been waiting for this model to come out! This is the brand new Barbie version with the big tits. 36Js it says on the box. I hope so, I paid extra for that. There's all sorts of add ons but I'm just gonna start with the blowjob package for now. She even has a self pleasure option & cums with her own vibrator! Damn! This model can really suck a cock, & these tits are unreal, especially for Barbie! I hope all the cum I'm gonna pump into her isn't going to short her out.

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Alright babe, are you ready to go to the pool? Why are you sitting there naked? Oh I see. You know that I can’t resist your rock hard cock. Ok, but just a quick blowjob. Really? You want to see me oil up my big 36J tits so they can wrap around your cock? Damn baby! I thought this was just gonna be a blowjob. But after feeling that cock sliding between my enormous tits I have to have you inside me. Come on baby! Squirt that load all over me because I want to get down to the pool & give these cum covered tits of mine a tan!