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Leya Falcon in Fried Chicken Butt Fuck

Added on 2023-09-02

Some men are alphas & others areÖwell, like this guy, Slave Kelly the chicken man. A pathetic little bitch who couldn't please me in his wildest dreams. And this is Davin King. Davin is a real man, with a giant cock that can please me over & over again. Slave Kelly cannot. That's why this chicken fuck slave, is going to be eating cum covered fried chicken from my well plowed asshole. Honestly heís lucky heís getting anything at all. A cum covered drumstick from inside my asshole is way more than this pathetic chicken slave deserves.

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No I don't need a part-time job. But the reason I decided to become a waitress here is because I know that a lot of studs like to eat here. And you know how I feel about gorgeous hungry men. They can grab a piece of cake while I stuff my mouth with a hot sausage. Eddie Jay has exactly what I'm looking for. Eddie is a guy who likes to eat his desert before his dinner. And his desert is my asshole & pussy. I wasn't expecting a tip like this, but if this is Eddieís new place to dine maybe I should start working here full time! Feed me!

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Come on! Kris K has been fucking spying on me again! Not that I mind. Actually Kris caught me in a horny mood. Well Kris K, it's your lucky day because I need a good fucking & your black cock is looking really scrumptious right now. Wow! Kris was really horny! In no time he had his cock down my throat getting ready to smash my pussy. Hmm, maybe this could be a regular thing with Kris. He does live next door & heís always down to fuck a PAWG like me. Itís the neighborly thing to do.

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Well Damn! Looks like I forgot to turn off the camera after my webcam show. Let me take you on a tour of my hotel room. Slink Andrews & I were just about to, um relax a little. But I just realized something. I am still motherfucking horny! Would any of you guys be interested in seeing me fuck myself with a giant black dildo? Yeah I thought so. Hang on Slink! Thereís just one more thing I have to take care of.

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People always ask me, what happens after a scene. Well, what do you think? I'm a cum covered mess! I've got jizz in my hair & in my eyes. Smeared makeup all over my face. My body is a sticky mess! Not that I'm complaining mind you. But after a scene I canít just walk around covered in cum. I take a shower & get on with life!

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I definitely love what Slink Andrews is packing! I know for a fact that Slink has a gorgeous anaconda in his jeans that I can't wait to wrap my lips around. Slink ain't shy about pushing my head all the way down on his cock, making me take the whole thing. Which is one of the things I love about him! My mouth is about to blow like a cum-cano from all the jizz he's making me take. And you know what, I'll happily gargle it all down!

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Donald T. (T for Tits) here, this is an outrage & an absolute injustice! I have done more for the this country than any other president, & now I'm locked up in this cell? Not to mention being locked up with this gentleman here, Jamie Knox who I'm sharing a cell with. WaitÖjust a minute now, you can't just grab me by my pussy like that! Oh well, I guess you can! Please just be gentle, I've never had one of my African American voters up my ass before. You know, even a ex-president can get used to this!

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