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Cock Craving with Nikki Delano

Added on 2012-01-05

Ive been dating my girlfriend Nikki Delano for a while now. I do love her and her sweet little pussy, but sometimes I just need a good pounding from a nice hard cock. She went out one day and I decided to call one of my secret boyfriends, Justice Young, to come over and fulfill a few of my hot desires. But to my surprise, Nikki came home early and caught me with a cock in my mouth! Most people would freak out but, not me, I kept sucking as if it was all good. I saw this as an opportunity to show Nikki what she was missing out on. I convinced her to try sucking the cock at first, then I had her slide her tight little pussy up and down on it. She loved every minute of it! I was so happy to finally be able to have both of my favorite things in the whole world, at the same time!

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